Prof.Dr. Lush Perpali


Prof. Lush Perpali has completed his university studies in Financial Economics with a "Gold Medal". He received the Academic Title "Professor" from the Commission for the Evaluation of Academic Titles of the Republic of Albania, the Academic Title "Associate Professor" and the Scientific Degree "Doctor" from the State Commission for Scientific Qualification. He also holds the title of "Ambassador of Peace", given by the International Federation for World Peace.

Prof. Lush Perpali has performed important tasks in the management of the Albanian state as Deputy Speaker of the Albanian Parliament and twice a member of the Council of Ministers, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Interior in the government of National Reconciliation of 1997 and Secretary of State for local power in the next government in 1998. He has been elected several times a member of the Albanian Parliament from the electoral zone in the Tropoja district and the electoral zone in Tirana.

His rich activity is also presented in the academic field as a professor for 12 years at the Faculty of Economics of the Agricultural University of Tirana and the postgraduate school at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tirana. Later he continued teaching in part-time universities for several more years, being constantly connected with academic-university activities. As a professor at the university he has been a headmaster in several subjects and has conducted scientific leadership on several topics for postgraduate studies for obtaining scientific degrees, as well as has made reviews and oppositions for some such works. He has participated several times in the evaluation commissions for the academic titles "Professor", "Associate Professor" and for the scientific degrees "Doctor of Science”.

Prof. Lush Perpali has published with co-authors several university and pre-university texts. He has published several monograph books such as:
Issues of Competition in Economics "Ideart" Tirana 2006
Problems of analysis of economic indicators, "Mihal Duri” Publishing House Tirana 1988
Labor performance problems in agricultural economies Tirana 1989
Methods for studying the effectiveness in the economy,"Marin Barleti” Publishing House Tirana 2004
Difficult times of transition, “Marin Barleti” Publishing House Tirana 2004

He has also published numerous scientific articles and papers held at home and abroad. Prof. Dr. Lush Perpali has contributed to the establishment of independent institutions in Albania and Kosovo. He was the Deputy Chairman of the Albanian Competition Commission (for a period he also served as Chairman) in 2004-2009. While in the Republic of Kosovo, in the framework of international projects for the establishment of institutions of this new state, he has been an international expert where he has contributed to the establishment and commissioning of the Kosovo Competition Commission as an independent institution established by law, in2011-2013. He is currently the Rector of “Wisdom” University College in Tirana.

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