The NSDI Research and Development Institute

The NSDI Research and Development Institute is a non-governmental and non-profit organization established in 2015 in Tirana.

The institute has the following objectives:

-To analyze, study, write recommendations, publish scientific papers, manuals, brochures, leaflets, magazines, newspapers, books in Legal Science, Economics, Social Sciences, Integration Education, Economic Development, Democratization, National Security, Law, and rights, etc.

-To organize scientific seminars, meetings, workshops, conferences in cooperation with other national and international institutions

-Advanced national and international promotion in the teaching and learning process

-The institute will cooperate with national and international organizations


About the Office


The WISDOM Research and Development Institute has a staff engaged to promote research and development in relevant fields. It seeks to improve the research productivity of the university and expand the impact of its academic discoveries on researchers and the community. The institute promotes interdisciplinary research funds and awards for research activities in the initial phase. It aims to make the research activities and support services available to our researchers more effective. Its tasks are:

-Implementation of processes to fully activate the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary capacities of the university through effective projects

-Ensuring coordination between Research Centers

-Monitoring data on research activities performed and generating reports

-Providing administrative and financial support to our researchers at every stage of their projects (preparation, application, management, reporting, closing, publishing, marketing, etc.)

-Informing and equipping our researchers for the efficient addressing of
research compatibility issues.

-Updating and investing in our research and scholarship infrastructure.

-Identify appropriate funding opportunities

-Announcing limited presentation opportunities and coordinating internal competitions

-Providing training for the development of proposals

-Management and coordination of proposal preparation

-Drafting non-technical sections of proposals

-Ensuring review of proposals, editorial and design services

-Connecting the faculty with the right staff and other resources throughout the university