About Us

"Wisdom" University College is a non-public university, founded in 2008 by "Wisdom" sh.p.k. company.

“Wisdom” University College is an institution devoted to develop education and science, servicing the freedom and diversity of ideas, and to develop and consolidate society. During the 2016-2017 academic year, "Wisdom" UC underwent the institutional accreditation process by the British Quality Assurance Agency in collaboration with the Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education.

Our mission is to provide students with a quality education, to be a center of excellence in the academic development of our students and development of knowledge in the Albanian society.

Our vision is to be an elite institution of higher education in the country and region and to be the first choice for Albanians.

We give wings to your dream!

“Wisdom” University College is a prestigious institution that will effectively contribute to the wonderful land of eagles, to the formation of a leading, modern and free class, to the development of a just and productive community. Equal rights of the individual in a modern society will offer the same educational opportunities. With humility, but also with pride, I am participating in this victorious initiative, which makes my connection with your country even more stable and strong.”